Teeth Cleaning

You may have noticed that your beloved pets don’t always have the sweetest breath or the shiniest smiles. Just like us, pets need to maintain their dental hygiene. Of course, your kitty isn’t going to floss her teeth and your precious pooch probably won’t be using mouthwash, but regular pet teeth cleaning appointments are important. Typically, we recommend bringing your furry friends to these visits at least once per year. If you’ve never even thought of scrubbing your dog’s smile, you might be thinking: “are there even dog teeth cleaning services anywhere near me?” If you live in and around central Texas, there are! Our mobile pet teeth cleaning team can bring outstanding dental care straight to your door, cleaning your companion’s pearly whites at your convenience. Keep reading to learn more about our offerings and contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Our Smile Services

What exactly is involved in our cat teeth cleaning and canine teeth cleaning procedure? Our skilled practitioners can perform this dental operation with anesthesia or anesthesia free. Depending on your pet’s particular needs, preferences, medical conditions, and personality, we will determine which option is appropriate. Some pet owners prefer a non-anesthetic procedure because it is more natural, but certain pets do require sedation to complete the cleaning process.

Once your pet is ready, we will begin by examining your cat or dog’s mouth for signs of decay, tartar, and gingivitis. Next, we will utilize various tools from our advanced dental kit. After brushing your pet’s teeth, we may use medicated gel to clean his or her mouth. If your pet requires a deep cleaning, we may lift his or her gums to clean underneath them. We can also place dental sealants over your cat or dog’s teeth to shield them from decay between appointments.

Perks of Pet Teeth Cleaning

There are many benefits to in home cat and dog teeth cleaning services. These advantages include:

  • Affordable prices. We offer excellent service from certified professionals at cheap prices. We keep our fees at or below the average cost for pet teeth cleaning. We also typically accept pet insurance for teeth cleaning, making this appointment even less expensive. In addition, we often offer specials on this treatment.
  • Unmatched convenience. Because our state-of-the-art office is mobile, we can clean your pet’s teeth at home.
  • Reduced anxiety. Going to an office can be stressful, especially for feline patients. Our at home cat teeth cleaning service helps keep kitties calm in a familiar environment.
  • Expert care. Our professional and experienced technicians minimize the risks involved in this procedure to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning FAQs:

How often do pets need their teeth cleaned?

The recommended frequency for pet teeth cleanings by most veterinarians is at least once per year, with regular brushings at home. After your cat or dog’s appointment, we can provide instructions and demonstrations on how to care for your pet’s smile at home.

Does pet insurance cover teeth cleaning?

Many pet insurance plans do cover teeth cleaning, but some do not. You should check with your provider to find out if this procedure is included in your specific plan.

How should you prepare a cat for teeth cleaning?

You should make sure you have your cat’s veterinary records for your appointment, as these contain important medical information that could be relevant to the procedure. If undergoing anesthesia, your cat should not eat anything for eight hours before the appointment. When we consult with you to schedule your appointment, we’ll provide additional tips for the best cat teeth cleaning experience, customized to your cat.

Schedule Your Mobile Pet Teeth Cleaning

If you’re looking for cat or dog teeth cleaning in Austin, search no further! Contact our mobile pet teeth cleaning team today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting your pet and sprucing up your dog or cat’s smile!