San Antonio Mobile Pet Groomers

In the city of San Antonio, we all know to “Remember the Alamo,” a key part of USA history, but pet owners might forget to get their furry companions’ hair groomed. The truth is, fitting a canine cleansing or a kitty haircut into your busy day can be tough, especially in cross-town traffic. Adding insult to injury, after you do drag your complaining kitty to the cat groomer or pouting pooch to the dog grooming office, they’ll probably have to deal with a room full of other animals and a barrage of cheap treatments. If you want to combine the best care for your pet with unbeatable convenience for you, we recommend using a mobile groomer in San Antonio, Texas.

Our high-end grooming units are pet spas on wheels, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and amenities. Our mobile San Antonio dog groomer can drive this sophisticated vehicle right to your driveway, preening your pet just steps from your front door. Our professional groomers also offer great deals, making our services both exceptional and affordable. Since our space is mobile, we travel throughout the city and to many surrounding areas. We frequently visit cuddly clients in Northeast San Antonio, Northwest San Antonio, Northwest Military San Antonio, Babcock, Bandera, Bitters, Nacogdoches, Stone Oak, South Side San Antonio, Northwood, North San Antonio, Blanco Rd, and Wurzbach. Chances are, if you’re in the 78245, 78250, 78251, or 78258 zip codes, we’re ready to see you and your pet!

What Can I Expect from Mobile Pet Grooming in San Antonio, TX?

If you’ve never enjoyed the advantages of mobile pet grooming, we recognize that you might have a few questions about this innovative service. Below, we’ve answered some of the most common queries we get from our clients. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions!

What should I look for when finding a groomer in San Antonio?

First of all, you should ensure that your San Antonio groomer offers the services you require. We provide baths, nail clippings, ear cleanings, and anal gland expression, along with teeth cleaning, dog walking, and pet sitting. Second, you should check that the dog or cat groomer’s hours match your schedule. We offer evening and weekend appointments to make this process as convenient as possible. Third, you should look at other clients’ reviews of the groomer, on the company’s own website (take a look at our testimonials!) and on social media platforms, such as Facebook. Finally, we highly recommend finding a mobile groomer in San Antonio, since this service provides numerous benefits over treatment in an office.

Will your groomer handle skittish or anxious dogs?

Definitely! Our certified San Antonio groomers are experienced and ready to handle pets of all temperaments with our gentle touch. Whether you have a stressed-out Schnauzer or a hyper Yorkie, our highly trained groomers are here to soothe and spoil your pooch. Furthermore, the mobile pet grooming experience is personalized, private, and doesn’t require the anxiety of travel, so your dog will likely already be calmer than he or she would otherwise be.

What information does your dog groomer need to know about my pet?

When you schedule your appointment, our mobile dog grooming team will ask about what kind of pampering your pooch needs, his or her breed, general disposition, age, and any medical conditions he or she has. This information will allow us to prepare for your pet’s customized care so your appointment runs even more smoothly.

Are you ready to schedule your pet’s appointment with our mobile San Antonio groomer? We’d be thrilled to give your dog or cat a sleek look at a great price in the comfort of your neighborhood.

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