Dog Walking

Although our precious pooches no doubt love snuggling with us at home, they also need to spend some time outside every day. Walks provide much needed and wanted exercise for our canine companions, improving their wellbeing and mood. Nevertheless, hectic work schedules, vacations, business trips, and other things can interfere with your ability to take your dog out for the playtime he or she needs. Fortunately, dog walkers in areas like Austin, TX can help. Proud pet parents don’t trust just any Austin agency with their best furry friends. You might find yourself wondering: “is there a dependable, safe dog walker in my area?” We’re here to answer with a resounding: “yes!” We’re delighted to provide dog walking as part of our suite of services. Read on to learn more about what we have to offer and contact us to schedule your dog walking session today!

Our Dog Walking Service

Nowadays, countless companies provide dog walking. You may have even seen an app for it! However, many of these services are simply subpar, staffed by amateur walkers without adequate training or even basic equipment. As mobile grooming specialists, our business was built to deliver exceptional care to dog owners. Our dog walkers are equipped with all the right accessories for your pooch. Does he or she need a special harness? No problem! Does your dog prefer a certain brand of leash? We’ve got it! We also understand the etiquette of dog walking, and will take your pet’s particular personality into account, as well. In short, we offer competent, high quality, customized care. Our dog walkers will take your dog on a skillful, superb stroll.

The Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walker

There are many advantages to using a professional dog walking service such as ours. These include:

  • A great value. Although we provide high-end assistance, we keep our fees affordable and accessible for all Austin dog owners. Pet insurance doesn’t cover the cost of dog walking, so it is important to utilize a service with outstanding prices. Our rates reflect our commitment to helping all pet owners enjoy excellent service.
  • Expert supervision. We understand that you want the best for your pampered pooch. Our dog walkers are certified groomers, trained in CPR and animal first aid. You can rely on us!
  • Incomparable convenience. No more long late-night walks when you’re exhausted from work, rushed lunch breaks, or worries about a potential “accident” when you’ve got a busy day. If, on a few hours’ notice, you find yourself frantically thinking: “is there a dog walker near me?” chances are that we can help you out. Our mobile grooming service goes all throughout Austin and the surrounding areas, as well as other major metropolitan areas in Texas. We do our best to accommodate each and every request.
  • Improved health and wellness for you and your dog. We can help reduce your and your pet’s stress by giving your dog the walks he or she needs when you can’t. You shouldn’t have to overexert yourself or rearrange your entire schedule to walk your pooch. We specialize in dog walking for the elderly to help senior pet owners protect their own health while giving their pets the playtime they need.

Dog Walking FAQs:

What qualifications do your dog walkers have?

Our dog walkers are experienced groomers and technicians, who really know dogs. They are also experienced in CPR and animal first aid. Most of them have been working with dogs for many years.

Do dog walkers give my dog enough exercise and attention?

Absolutely! We understand that play, activity, and love are very important aspects of any walk.

How often should my dog be walked?

This entirely depends on the breed, age, size, temperament, and physical condition of your canine. Generally, veterinarians and canine health professionals suggest that dogs should be walked a minimum of twice per day for at least 15 minutes each time.

Experience Our Dog Walking Service

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, high-quality dog walking service in Austin, look no further. Contact us today to find out more and schedule your first session! We look forward to meeting your dog!