Dallas Mobile Pet Groomers

We understand that our Dallas clients often have busy schedules, but still want only the best for their pets. Our mobile pet groomers come right to your door to deliver personalized pampering. Our Certified Master Groomers offer top quality care at reasonable prices. With a gentle, expert touch, we offer outstanding service to all breeds, including Westies, Yorkies, and any type of cat. Our mobile grooming units are typically more private than an ordinary grooming office, and infinitely more convenient. We will come to you! Our Dallas mobile groomers are happy to travel all over the city: East Dallas, Lake Dallas, Lakewood, Lovers’ Lane, North Dallas, Oak Lawn, Far North Dallas, Haskell, Lake Highlands, Oak Lawn, Oak Cliff, and beyond.

Our glowing customer reviews highlight our pet groomers’ unique Texan hospitality and exceptional skill.

How Does Mobile Grooming in Dallas Work?

If you’re new to the world of mobile pet grooming, allow us to introduce you to its many benefits and answer any questions you might have. Read on to see our responses to some of our customers’ most common queries.

Do you provide competitive pricing options in the Dallas area?

Absolutely! We aim to offer luxe amenities at a low cost so that all pet owners can experience the advantages of mobile pet grooming at affordable prices. To learn more about the estimated cost for your particular pet, contact us. We’d be delighted to tell you about our rates and specials.

What services do mobile pet groomers provide?

Our Dallas, TX dog and cat grooming offerings include mobile bath, ear cleaning, nail clipping, anal gland expression, and haircuts. Of course, as a mobile pet groomer, we provide all of these services on wheels. Our team members also offer pet sitting, dog walking, and teeth cleaning.

How long is a normal grooming session for a dog?

A dog groomer normally takes between three and five hours for each session. However, this is often because they are working on multiple dogs at once. Our Dallas mobile pet groomers may be able to finish your dog’s session in as little as an hour or two. Of course, your dog’s particular needs will determine the length of your appointment. Contact us to find out how long you can expect your pooch’s primping to take.

Are you ready to schedule your appointment with one of our certified mobile dog groomers in Dallas? Is it time to try cat grooming for your precious kitty? Contact us today to learn more and set up your session!