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They say everything's bigger in Texas but as for the hearts of Houston pet owners, it simply doesn’t get any bigger! We love pets as much as you do. That’s we’ve taken the painful anxiety out of the Houston dog grooming business. Our mobile dog grooming in Houston, TX allows you to give your pet luxurious and fancy AKC grooming at a price you can afford with flexible daily scheduling. Our full service mobile pet grooming of Houston includes:


Mobile Pet Grooming

Our mobile groomers of Houston are committed to giving every pet premier grooming without dreaded anxiety, needless sedation or intimidating cages. Nor does our mobile grooming service ever discriminate against dog or cat breeds. Big or small, long or short hair doesn’t matter. Have a double coated dog? No problem! We promise to deliver a stress-free grooming experience they will look forward to featuring multiple grooming packages for every budget and finicky taste.

Our self contained, climate controlled mobile units are spaciously designed for maximum comfort. The goal is to allow your pet’s personal Houston dog groomer to devote their time and attention to your pet. State-of-the-art mobile pet grooming units feature; vacuums, sanitization, full size hydrobaths, hot water system and adjustable grooming tables.

Make a change for better pet grooming today! Give your pet the type of grooming experience they can enjoy.  Contact us to schedule your first appointment now.

Pet Sitting

As devoted pet parents, we strive to be there for our pets 24/7. But it's not always possible. Long work schedules, unexpected business trips or major life changes can leave us with battling with choices like boarding kennels or an unfamiliar environment. Our Houston dog groomers work diligently to provide you with local pet sitters trained in pet behavior and knowledgeable of your neighborhood. We are a licensed and accredited pet sitter provider you can count on to take care of your pet properly. Our tenured pet sitters are fully trained in CPR and first aid should ever a need pet emergency arise.

Dog Walking

Every dog owner has struggled to find time to walk their dog. Perhaps you’ve forgotten about your kid’s football game or your boss added ten hours to your fifty hour work week for the next month. We understand your struggle. That’s why we added dog walking services to our mobile dog grooming. Houston pet owners rely on our licensed and accredited dog walking service most because we’ve hand picked the creme de la creme local dog walkers from your area who

pet CPR and First Aid certified and have first hand knowledge of:

    • Neighborhoods
    • Pet friendly parks
    • Veterinarian services
    • Dog walking etiquette

Does my dog need to be vaccinated before they can be groomed in Houston?

Yes. Even though our Houston mobile pet grooming service promotes a clean and sanitized environment to help reduce spreading of infectious diseases, annual vaccinations should always be your first line of defense. Staying up-to-date on vaccinations protects not only your pet, but humans and other animals as well.

How long is a normal grooming session for a cat?

While cats differ from dogs in many ways, a typical grooming session for a cat will last between 1 - 3 hours depending on the requested service and individual needs of the cat. Our licensed groomers possess specialized feline groomer certifications which have given us the notoriety of being the finest cat grooming in Houston. Most cat lovers are quick to tell you that feline personalities can be a bit persnickety to say the least. But our Houston groomers are experts in the art of soothing the Jungle Cat inside of your house kitty.

How often should I have a Houston dog groomer come out?

This depends on your pet, but as a general rule of thumb we recommend once a month at minimum. If your pet has decided to find a dead bird to roll on in the yard or, has tracked through every mud puddle in town - you are welcome to call our mobile pet grooming of Houston, TX to make an additional appointment as needed. We will always do our very best to accommodate you. In suburban places like Katy, mobile dog grooming is very flexible since groomers frequent these areas often.