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Fort Worth is a rapidly expanding metropolis, with over 800,000 residents to date. As its human population grows, so do the number of furry friends inhabiting this City of Cowboys and Culture. Anyone who has pets knows that they need nail trims, haircuts, and other types of general maintenance on a regular basis. It can be tempting to put off these appointments due to the sheer hassle of getting your pet into the car and through the doors of the doggy salon. Our Fort Worth Mobile Grooming can help you keep your companion’s coat clean and stylish without the stress of travel.


Whether you need a dog groomer for your cuddly canine or a cat groomer for your fleecy feline, our mobile groomers in Fort Worth can help. Our innovative grooming van is spacious and sophisticated, complete with all of the equipment necessary to meet your pet’s every need. Our Certified Master Groomers are proven experts in this field. We are ready to give your pet the personal, one-on-one attention they deserve while making this experience as convenient as possible for you. Once you’ve tried our Fort Worth mobile grooming service, you’ll never want to take your pet back to the regular salon!

How Does Mobile Pet Grooming in Ft. Worth, TX Work?

If you’ve never used mobile groomers in Ft. Worth, you might have a few questions about this uniquely useful service. Below, we answer some of the most common queries we hear. Feel free to contact us for further information if you have any other questions.

Do you do pet grooming around all of Fort Worth?

Answer: Yes. We service most areas and suburbs in and around DFW. Some of our certified mobile pet groomers can travel further than others, depending on their availability. Give us a call or shoot us an email to find out if we can offer in home grooming to you. We will do our best to accommodate your request!

How long is a normal grooming session for a cat?

Answer: According to our experienced cat groomers, the usual appointment for a cat ranges from an hour to three hours. The length of time required for your kitty’s session depends on the types of service being done (for example, just a nail trim would be much faster than a full bath) and your cat’s tolerance for professional grooming (some cats are more cooperative than others during this process). We can give you an estimate for your cat’s grooming session length when you schedule his or her appointment.

How often should dogs have their nails trimmed?

Answer: Our Fort Worth dog groomer generally recommends that canine nails be cut at least once per month. This can vary slightly depending on your dog’s breed (some dogs’ nails grow faster or slower than others’) and level of outside activity (dogs who run around on hard ground often may wear down their own nails to some degree, reducing the necessary frequency for trimming). If your dog’s nails extend past their feet or make noise as they walk, it’s time for a trim.

Are you ready to try Fort Worth mobile grooming for your dog or cat? We strive to offer the best service possible to you and your pets. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your appointment.