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Our Dallas pet grooming service offers superior experience and convenience delivered to your doorstep with affordable, competitive pricing. Certified Master Groomers are available 7 days a week with flexible scheduling to allow for even the most hectic schedule.


* Seniors and disabled pets are always welcome and given the extra time and patience needed!  

Dog & Cat Grooming

At Texas Mobile Pet Grooming, we firmly believe that every pet deserves to be given high end grooming without fear, sedation or cages. This Dallas dog grooming service on wheels will provide every breed of dog or cat with a stress-free grooming experience they will look forward to. Our exceptional groomers are skilled in all aspects of AKC trimming and clipping styles, as well as custom trends.

Is your cat looking a bit scruffy lately and in desperate need of cat grooming? Dallas Texas Mobile Pet Groomers specializing in all types of cats are just a phone call away. There’s never a need to freak out your precious feline with pet carriers and car rides, or look like someone stuffed you into a paper shredder. Our licensed Dallas groomers are committed to treating your pet with the individualized love and gentle kindness they deserve.

Our self contained mobile units are spaciously designed for efficient functioning and maximum comfort. Every groomer is promptly dispatched with the most advanced tools available - allowing your pet’s personal Dallas dog groomer to devote all their time and attention to your pet. Some of the common features of our state-of-the-art mobile pet grooming units are:

  • Vacuums
  • Sanitization
  • Climate control
  • Full size hydrobaths
  • Heated water system
  • Adjustable grooming tables

Our Dallas Pet Sitters

Pet parents love to keep our pets with us every chance we get, and the feelings are mutual. But sometimes life throws us a curveball. Unplanned changes in a work schedule, business trips or a vacation can leave us with choices like boarding kennels or in unfamiliar environments. Our dog groomers of Dallas can provide you with a local pet sitter which has first-hand knowledge of your neighborhood streets, parks, veterinarians and pet stores. Your Dallas dog groomer service is a licensed and accredited pet sitter provider you can rely on while you’re away. Many of our tenured pet sitters are fully trained in CPR and first aid should ever a need pet emergency arise. Before you consider exposing your family pet to the risks associated with boarding kennels or folks unfamiliar with dog and cat behaviors, contact us!

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Dog Walking

Walking provides exercise and socialization necessary for the dog’s overall well being. Just like you, too much time cooped up in the house can leave them restless, depressed and mischievous. Nevertheless, long work hours and unforeseen events happen. You don’t want to leave your beloved pup in the hands of just anyone. But you need someone trustworthy to walk your dog. Our Dallas grooming service provides dog walkers trained in canine behavior equipped with your favorite leash or harness. Never settle for just anyone when you can have an expert in the etiquette of dog walking at an affordable rate.


Can the Dallas groomers travel to Mckinney, Grapevine, and other areas nearby?

Texas Mobile Pet Grooming continually serve proud pet owners of metropolitan Dallas and surrounding areas. Dog grooming in Mckinney, TX - along with dog grooming south Dallas - are available daily with flexible scheduling to meet every lifestyle. For our furry friend lovers in east Dallas, our affordable mobile dog grooming in Mesquite, TX. is available for you as well.

How long can I have a pet sitter watch my pets for?

Pets love the security and tranquility of snuggling with their owners and guests during the night. Disrupting their habitual nightly scenario would cause undue stress. So, our local licensed and accredited dog groomer of Dallas have pet sitters available to watch your pets overnight.

How long is a normal grooming session for a dog?

Every grooming session is as different as the individual pet is. But generally sessions last between 1-3 hours. When your dog groomer in Dallas arrives, they will assess your pet’s grooming needs and any special circumstances like age, disability and emotional state. We never make your pet feel rushed or stressed. Other factors will include services requested, breed and fur condition.